phoenix rising

Starts on January 25th, the first full moon of 2024, the Wolf Moon…

Cost: $333
Join me for an extraordinary new 8 week program designed for women in transition. Big life change is often an invitation to practice radical self-care. A call to action! We will explore topics ranging from relationship change (love, marriage, heartbreak, grief, loss, separation, divorce, death), physical health, home, finances, career, identity, community and spirituality.
Liminal moments of change invite us to be sober and alert. Take a good hard look at what is so. Begin to listen to and follow your own wantings. What are you dreaming into being? What is next?
Breaking open.
No limits.
Perhaps you have a nagging sense that things need to change and you are not sure how to proceed. Maybe your life has gone through some sort of big disruption and you are looking at rebuilding. The Phoenix serves as a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal inviting us to rise up from the ashes. A sign of resilience!
Weaving together teachings from yoga, alchemy and other forms of esoteric wisdom, this course will be both practical and visionary. The 8 weeks will include structured work with practical information, meditations, writing and reflection as well as creative expression shared in a small group community context. Be grounded in the practical while dreaming what comes next. Build your capacity!
We will meet weekly on Thursdays 5:30-7 pm PST online via Zoom.

January 25: Sober and Alert. Where exactly are you? Ground. Take stock. Get clarity. Create sanctuary. Radical self-care. Cultivate clarity in areas money, home and your body.

February 1: Own your desire. What do you really want? Feeling all of the emotions. Emotions. Self-care. Exploring desire, sensuality, eros & sexuality. Healing trauma.

February 8: Discover your Self. Who are you now? Shifting sense of self. solitude, and inner strength, embracing personal power and turning to face the shadow. Engaging will. Igniting an inner fire.

February 15: INTEGRATION and recapitulation. What happened? Remembering. Grief recovery work. No class.

February 22: Fearless heart. Who and how do you love? Creating safety. Loving bravely. Risking vulnerability. Opening and closing. Forgiveness. Devotion.

February 29: Speak your truth. What do you want to say? Listening. Being heard. Boundaries. Finding sisterhood. Web of support.

March 7: Dreaming into Being. Expand your capacity for vision. Dive into intuition and dreams,. Exercising discernment. Choose wisely.

March 14: Connect. Claim your sovereignty. Polish the mirror. Cultivate serenity, foster collaboration and harmony in life. Embrace the Mystery. Shine out your own radiance.