art as practice

a way of being

Art as Practice is an online membership site designed to help you deepen your artistic engagement, cultivate a daily creative practice, and tend to your art as a form of devotion.

Coming Spring 2024

“Living life as an artist is a practice.
You are either engaging in the practice
or you’re not.

It makes no sense to say you’re not good at it.
It’s like saying, “I’m not good at being a monk.”
You are either living as a monk or you’re not.

We tend to think of the artist’s work as the output.

The real work of the artist
is a way of being in the world.”

― Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being

A few questions:

  • what are your daily habits?
  • what are you already doing creatively everyday?
  • are you ready to try something new?
  • how do you create rituals?
  • are there other ways you might tend the garden of your life?