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Wednesday July 5, 2023

Walking Visions: Prespa Walking Art Encounters Conference

Prespa, Greece

The Dreaming into Being walkshop opened a portal for remembering and for dreaming.

This walkshop moved through several phases including a guided journey, a clearing and a dreaming practice. An active process of recapitulation and remembering reclaims energy caught in the past. Clearing energetic ties to these moments frees up energy to be redeployed in present time. Dreaming awake is a means of amplifying vision through a process of opening up, reaching beyond what we know and bringing that vision from other realms into this realm, here and now. This highly intuitive and creative endeavor is incredibly potent. Elements of this workshop drew directly from shamanic traditions to assist in shifting the assemblage point. We practiced dreaming awake, daydreaming, and perhaps even tapping into a collective dreaming.

The physical part of this practice began with a journeying inward, less focused on the external as on an inner terrain. Gathered inside the old school house, each participant received a small notebook for writing, drawing, mapping, and recording their experiences. Several scores guided the journey. We started with remembering, looking back in time through the details of specific important moments in life. Mid-way the practice shifts to being fully awake in present time, tuning into sensory-awareness through embodiment exercises to create spaciousness or an internal silence to invite in the new.  The final part of the walkshop was a dreaming awake practice outside in the square, looking forward in time, casting a net into the wild sea of possibility, calling in vision. The walking encounter then became a visioning practice, expanding a sense of capacity and extending out beyond what is known, out into a realm of magic and no limits, where anything is possible.