PRINTS / Intaglio / resilience

Date 2022
Materials Color soap ground aquatint with hardground etching and drypoint
In both June and August of 2022, I made pilgrimages to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in White Mountains of the Eastern Sierra to walk among the very oldest trees on the planet. Wanting to experience resilience, I followed a clear impulse. These trees live at very high altitudes in extreme conditions of exposure, sun, wind, ice and drought. They live even longer in the areas where it is the most harsh and challenging. A slow meander became a walking dreaming awake of time’s passage. The transmission of the tree revealed aeons of light, dark, winter wind, melting snow, and blazing sun. I could feel the rhythms of centuries of life, death and in it, the essence of resilience. Just for a moment, I caught a glimpse of infinity.