PROJECTS / Performance / calcul

Date 1997

Description a series of pieces exploring the relationship between my body and 12 stones equal to my bodyweight

Credits photographs by Nigel Poor


a body always weighs; it lets itself weigh, be weighed.
a body does not have weight, it is a weight.
it weighs, it presses against other bodies … onto other bodies …
body would then be the first experience of its own weight
(of its matter, its mass, its pulp, its grain, its gaping, its mole, its molecule,
its turf, its turgidity, its fiber, its juice, its invagination, its volume,
its fall, its meat, its coagulation, its dough, its crystallinity, its twitching, its spasm,
its unknotting, its tissue, its dwelling, its disorder, its promiscuity,
its smell, its taste, its resonance, its resolution, its reason).
– Corpus by Jean Luc-Nancy