2023 Dreaming into Being

Weaving together themes inspired by a range of visual art, esoteric teachings such as the chakra system from yoga, archetypal images from alchemy and the occult, as well as tools from the world of coaching, we will dive into a multidimensional exploration. These workshops will include a slideshow followed by a guided journey / meditation. We will move into writing / reflection with a few prompts and then create artwork based on what arises. You can draw, paint or work with mixed media in collage. Or do something different.

On the idea of dreaming into being:

I am dreaming a lot these days. Dreaming awake, daydreaming, lucid dreaming, deep sleep dreaming, and perhaps even tapping into a collective dreaming. For me, dreaming awake often feels like expanding my sense of capacity. I extend out beyond what I already know, out into a realm of no limits, where anything is possible. Dreaming into being is a process of opening up, reaching and then bringing some idea or vision or inkling from that realm into this realm, here and now. This is a highly intuitive and creative endeavor that is incredibly potent.

Saturday, June 3 from 10 am-1 pm PST

For Sanctuary in the Self, we will delve into the third chakra to explore energy activation, a sense of autonomy, sovereignty and power. We will touch on topics such as self-esteem, will, and cultivating the capacity to meet challenges. Core to this chakra is the element fire which can create real transformation by burning through fear and shame, emerging into the warmth and radiance of self.

Saturday, April 15th from 12-3 pm PST

For Riding the Waves, we will be delving into things related to the second chakra, exploring creativity, sensuality, and the emotions. These realms are associated with the element of water, movement, flow, flexibility, sexuality, desires, needs, pleasure. When balanced, this energy center instills a sense of pleasure and overall enjoyment of life; our relationship with ourselves and the world feels harmonious and nurturing. This workshop is an invitation to expand your capacity to tap into and express your deeper desires and fully experience the whole range of what is possible. We will also be reflecting on aspects that disrupt or disconnect us from the freedom to express our own creative flow: in this case, guilt.

Sunday, February 26 from 1:30-4:30 pm PST

Root & Ground for this workshop explores the foundation, the root, first chakra, the physical, matter, grounding, survival, tribe, family, nourishment, trust, safety, and well-being. We will be delving into all things in the physical realm – the body, the earth, ideas around home, ways of grounding and rooting, prosperity, finances, vitality, etc. We will also be touching on aspects that disrupt or disconnect us from our ground or sense of well-being: in this case, fear.

Saturday January 21 from 2:30-5 pm PST

Vision Board Workshop

I have been making various types of vision boards for many years and I find that my overall process takes longer than 2-3 hours. The creative process takes time. I like to really meditate on what images mean to me and what I want to call in. Sometimes I happen upon something randomly, other times I search for something very specific. Sometimes an image feels essential and I won’t know why I included it until later. The power of getting clear about my intent is quite profound. For me, it is a form of personal navigation – orienting toward a north star.

When you ponder the idea of dreaming into being, what arises or emerges? It might be less about what you do and more about how you feel. We have time to let it unfold. What will you dream for 2023? What is your intent? What are you bringing into focus? How will you orient yourself? What are you moving toward? Our focus will be more inward than outward.