healing arts


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seasonal cleanses

Create a sense of lightness, spaciousness and well-being!

Spring Cleanse

March 10 – 19, 2024
Begin on the New Moon & end on the Equinox!
Cost: $108

Spring is an ideal time for a major reset through a seasonal detox and cleanse. Amplify your intuition, heal your digestive system, recalibrate your whole nervous system, and call in a greater sense of clarity. My experience with detoxing and cleansing over the past 25 years has brought so much awareness of how what I consume affects how I think and feel. I cannot say enough how life-changing a cleanse can be!! This is a chance to invite in a deep physical, emotional and mental transformation as you eliminate unwanted excess. Time to let it all go!!

This guided cleanse will include four zoom calls:
• one initial call to help with pre-cleanse prep
• two support calls during the actual cleanse
• one call post- cleanse to assist with integration

You will set your own pace and program in terms of how deep into cleansing you go. The cleanse will include clear guidelines, accessible beginner level options with lots of optional protocols and suggestions for more seasoned practitioners looking for a deeper dive. We will explore a wide array of amazing recipes for fresh juices, smoothies, soups and plant-based meals. I will be weaving information from different approaches to cleansing, including healthy ways to enhance your daily routines. The focus will be as much (if not more) on what you want to add in as on what to eliminate. Learn more about Ayurvedic principles including ways to balance your system, remove excess and heal your digestive fire. Leave with a clear road map moving forward to maintain a sense of clarity and balance.

We will have an online community platform with all sorts of resources and daily support throughout the cleanse. Resources will include prompts for journaling, meditation, yoga, embodiment and energetic breath practices.

Dates for calls:

Sunday March 10 at 6 pm
Tuesday March 12 at 6 pm
Friday March 15 at 6 pm

Tuesday March 19 at 6 pm

Recordings of all calls will be available.


I engage the interplay of bodyweight, gravity, and breath. The practice changes everyday. Each session addresses the needs of the moment and the individual. I work on the massage table or on the floor.

Table work: My bodywork combines Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial release with Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal work) along with active stretching and deep releasing holds.

Floor work: This unique bodywork increases range of motion and flexibility while offering the body an opportunity to release old patterns and heal. Sometimes the work is full of stretching, sensation, sound, and movement, and sometimes it is slow, deep, silent and still. Sometimes you are held and nurtured, and often I take you into the places you would not go on your own. For floor work you will be clothed on a mat, on the floor. Your focus is on the breath and actively bringing awareness into what is happening. I work intuitively and creatively, with my entire body … hands, feet, knees, elbows…whatever works.

For Thai massage, please wear comfortable clothes to stretch in. We will be working on the floor.

For table massage, you can wear as much or little as you want.


75 mins $175 • 90 mins $200

24 hour cancellation policy, please.

innerspace techniques

Do you ever feel stuck?

Are you are caught in patterns of doing the same thing again and again, expecting different results?

These habitual patterns often keep us running in circles and can perpetuate feeling energetically stuck, mentally limited and restricted from achieving what we really want in life. At times it is essential to take the time to see what’s behind the emotional roller coaster of everyday life.

A powerful way to shift and change unconscious patterns is through Inner Space Techniques (IST), therapeutic and healing techniques based on the inner space of meditation.

(learn more below…)


90 mins | $175

24 hour cancellation policy, please.

Make the most of your sessions:

  • Keep meals light beforehand
  • Limit stimulants (caffeine or sugar) that day
  • No alcohol for 48 hours prior
  • No recreational drugs for 2 weeks
  • Create quiet space for integration afterward

more about inner space techniques…

Inner Space Interactive Sourcing is a process of 
returning back to the root causes of a pattern beyond the level of the ordinary mind to see and experience how it all began. Just as there are scars of the physical body there are scars of the mind, resulting in mental, emotional and energetic issues in your life. These are the blockages and limitations that we work with in ISIS.

By returning to the source of trauma, these sessions often bring metaphysical opening and emotional healing that can lead to profound change. Through sourcing and resolving past traumas, releasing emotional blockages and behavioral 
conditioning, IST offers a way to develop awareness and experience more of your real self. By helping 
you gain access to the unconscious parts of your psyche, this process allows you to get to know 
bigger parts of yourself beyond the level of the mind.

 This is where real healing can happen.

  • Experience clarity and awakening
    More joy
  • Increase your sense of vitality and sex drive
  • Become more spontaneous, awake and aware
  • Expand your innate self-healing capacity
  • Awaken deeper levels of energy and vitality
  • Learn to stabilize yourself in a place of inner clarity and stillness
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Align with a greater sense of purpose and meaning
  • Strengthen your energy body
  • Become more aware of unconscious habits or patterns of behavior
  • Experience freedom by choosing different actions!

What happens in an ISIS session?

In these interactive therapeutic sessions there is a client and practitioner (or connector). The client is fully clothed, laying down in a quiet meditative space. The session takes place in the form of a dialogue between client and connector to facilitate more awareness of subtle energy and life events. The emphasis is on feeling. Direct experience brings transformation. There can be major releases of latent emotional charge, and profound spiritual realizations. These sessions often have a metaphysical healing component way beyond the scope of ‘talk therapy. Sourcing is a process of discovering the source of present emotional blockages and conditioned behavior, allowing for a release that results in healing, resolution and a greater sense of authenticity and freedom.

See here for more information about Inner Space Techniques.

These techniques address the following issues:

  • Stress
  • Exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Burnout
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Vitality / Flow of energy
  • Sexuality / Intimacy / Attachment issues
  • Unresolved Relationship Issues
  • Self Empowerment
  • Personal Direction
  • Improved Focus