Latest Past Events

Dreaming into Being: Broken Open

Broken Open will focus on the topic of heartbreak, grief and opening. Have you ever experienced the pain of heart break? A broken heart can transform into an opening heart. Our deepest wounds are the pathways back to our sacred essence. We will be exploring the breaking open of the heart through meditative practices, writing reflection and creativity, inviting in a sense of flow. The focus of this class will be guided meditation, self-reflective writing and creative mixed media explorations to transform stories of loss into visions of growth, strength and empowerment.

Art as a Daily Practice Spring 2024

Join us for an extraordinary 8 week program designed for anyone wanting to design, cultivate and tend to a daily creative practice.

Full Moon Journey March 25, 2024

Join me for a Full Moon Journey Monday March 25, 2024 7-8 am Let's gather for this full moon. This is a perfect time to ground, regroup, revisit intentions, refine the vision and become even clearer as we set the course for moving forward. The focus will be on connecting with your inner fire, that beautiful wild essence within, building energetic capacity. Register Now