dreaming into being

2023 Dreaming into Being

Weaving together themes inspired by a range of visual art, esoteric teachings such as the chakra system from yoga, archetypal images from alchemy and the occult, as well as tools from the world of coaching, we will dive into a multidimensional exploration. These workshops will include a slideshow followed by a guided journey / meditation. We will move into writing / reflection with a few prompts and then create artwork based on what arises. You can draw, paint or work with mixed media in collage. Or do something different.

On the idea of dreaming into being:

I am dreaming a lot these days. Dreaming awake, daydreaming, lucid dreaming, deep sleep dreaming, and perhaps even tapping into a collective dreaming. For me, dreaming awake often feels like expanding my sense of capacity. I extend out beyond what I already know, out into a realm of no limits, where anything is possible. Dreaming into being is a process of opening up, reaching and then bringing some idea or vision or inkling from that realm into this realm, here and now. This is a highly intuitive and creative endeavor that is incredibly potent.

finding your voice

For Finding Your Voice, we will delve into the fifth chakra to explore the throat, realms of communication, voice and vibration. Here we will explore sound, expression, and communication. Short writing prompts will touch into the stories we tell, the secrets we keep, the truths we swallow, and the silences we perpetuate and endure. We will practice attuning to a sense of resonance that is both palpable and visceral as well as more subtle and intuitive. Self-expression is the gateway between the inner and the outer, between mind and body. While unlocking a flow of creativity is essential, blockage in the throat can be utterly debilitating. What is blocking us from expressing our truth, our outrage, our magic? What makes us hide in silence? Deficiency here arises as an inability to find your words. Excess is when our talking becomes a defensive tactic, controlling the narrative, the conversation, the storyline. Central to this chakra is the element sound which can create real transformation through vibration and resonance. We will explore aspects of the throat through seed sounds, mantra and chanting as well as drumming. Seeking balance in the throat, we will touch on topics such as the art of conversation, the give and take of authentic expression and effective listening. Communication is creativity in motion, in connection, in exchange. Combining will and consciousness, the voice becomes a conduit for creating real intimacy, a sense of really being heard.

awakening vision

For Awakening Vision, we will delve into the sixth chakra to explore all things related to the mystery of the third eye. Here we will be exploring intuition, imagination, insight, dreams, and vision. Our sight gives us guidance. We have the capacity to see an arc of past, present and future. Central to this chakra is the element light which brings clarity. We will touch on topics such as activation of the third eye through meditation. By improving focus and concentration, inner sight evolves out of an ability to calm the busy mind, to see beyond. The third eye serves as a portal to other realms including cosmic blueprints and dreams and even archetypal levels beyond the personal. Psychic powers and clairvoyance (”clear seeing”) open up other means of knowing, other ways of wisdom. Dreams link the conscious and unconscious mind, presenting alternatives to waking reality. We need to break free of established patterns. Vision leads us forward, illusion holds us back. Dreams are where we experience the non-linear, the irrational, the impossible. We find access to a sense of no limits. Shifting the assemblage point, we can suddenly see our lives from a new vantage point. Opening the third eye allows us to see the big picture, to expand beyond what we already know. We can perceive what lies beyond our wildest dreams, beyond what we can name. By moving into a more archetypal identity, we begin to know ourselves through dreams, symbols, imagination, art, relationships. Here lies the splendor of recognition in which we come to know ourselves in a new way.

becoming connection

December 9, 2023

“To arrive at the fully blooming lotus crown chakra, our stem needs to be connected all the way to Earth, our roots deep in the ground. Through this connection, our lotus in nourished and continues to bloom, its petals ever unfolding. Our purpose is to liberate the spirit, but if we are to avoid getting lost in the infinite we must retain a home to which the spirit can return. This is the challenge of a psychologically balanced seventh chakra.” 

Anodea Judith Eastern Body, Western Mind

In this workshop we will dive into the seventh chakra to witness and experience the unfolding of the thousand petaled lotus. Becoming Connection invites you into a deep encounter with your Higher Self, however you may understand it. Here we will deepen our explorations of meditation, cultivating awareness through a sense of merging with divine consciousness and the realization of our own true nature. Here we will explore witness consciousness, the part of us that watches the part that is doing. Central to this chakra is an encounter with the mind, thinking thoughts, all the thoughts and beliefs and then moving beyond thought into a place of pure being. Becoming one, we do not lose ourselves. We will touch on topics such as addiction, attachment and non-attachment, leading to forms of transcendence. Opening the crown chakra is about expanding awareness, expanding our capacity to engage higher and higher levels of voltage. This is the realm of spiritual awakening, epiphany, mystical experiences and altered states of consciousness. It is also the elusively simple act of paying attention to what is. We will explore several different types of meditative practices and then translate those experiences into creative expression.

sanctuary in the self

June 3, 2023

For Sanctuary in the Self, we will delve into the third chakra to explore energy activation, a sense of autonomy, sovereignty and power. We will touch on topics such as self-esteem, will, and cultivating the capacity to meet challenges. Core to this chakra is the element fire which can create real transformation by burning through fear and shame, emerging into the warmth and radiance of self.

riding the waves

April 15, 2023

For Riding the Waves, we will be delving into things related to the second chakra, exploring creativity, sensuality, and the emotions. These realms are associated with the element of water, movement, flow, flexibility, sexuality, desires, needs, pleasure. When balanced, this energy center instills a sense of pleasure and overall enjoyment of life; our relationship with ourselves and the world feels harmonious and nurturing. This workshop is an invitation to expand your capacity to tap into and express your deeper desires and fully experience the whole range of what is possible. We will also be reflecting on aspects that disrupt or disconnect us from the freedom to express our own creative flow: in this case, guilt.

root to ground

February 26, 2023

Root to Ground for this workshop explores the foundation, the root, first chakra, the physical, matter, grounding, survival, tribe, family, nourishment, trust, safety, and well-being. We will be delving into all things in the physical realm – the body, the earth, ideas around home, ways of grounding and rooting, prosperity, finances, vitality, etc. We will also be touching on aspects that disrupt or disconnect us from our ground or sense of well-being: in this case, fear.

vision board workshop

January 21, 2023

I have been making various types of vision boards for many years and I find that my overall process takes longer than 2-3 hours. The creative process takes time. I like to really meditate on what images mean to me and what I want to call in. Sometimes I happen upon something randomly, other times I search for something very specific. Sometimes an image feels essential and I won’t know why I included it until later. The power of getting clear about my intent is quite profound. For me, it is a form of personal navigation – orienting toward a north star.

When you ponder the idea of dreaming into being, what arises or emerges? It might be less about what you do and more about how you feel. We have time to let it unfold. What will you dream for 2023? What is your intent? What are you bringing into focus? How will you orient yourself? What are you moving toward? Our focus will be more inward than outward.