creativity coaching

projects of dimension

I love to work one on one with people around their creative projects. This format for this starts by you purchasing a coaching session. I will send you a series of questions. You send me the answers which will help me better understand where you are and how I might be of service. We set up a call via Zoom or phone. Simple.

Sometimes it helps to have support.

Individual coaching sessions focus specifically on your creative work. I work with people to help them realize their dreams of creating work more deeply and more regularly. I offer simple strategies that are effective in goal-setting, choosing meaningful projects, managing creative anxiety, working through creative blocks, and developing the skills and focus needed to create in the middle of busy and full lives.

My coaching arises out of training with Eric Maisel and my own studio practice.
I find that maintaining a regular creative practice becomes much more easeful through implementing these strategies.
Not only does my studio feel like my sanctuary,
I am able to set realistic, manageable goals and attain them.
I am in sync with myself. This is sustainability at its best.

What are you dreaming of creating?
What is your project? Does it have dimension?
What’s in the way of making it happen?


Sessions are $150 / hour