studio process

Things I Think About…

bodies in space, being a body,
being in a body, writing the body, writing on the body
matter, weight, balance, gravity, groundedness, heaviness
stillness, movement, light, flight, fear, falling, grace, flying, ecstasy, ungroundedness, lightness
lineage, inheritance, information, stories, stuff, possessions, dowry, family, ancestors, home
mementos, storage, preservation, sorting, counting, assembling, cataloguing, naming, labeling, categorizing
alchemy, change, transmutation, lead, gold, consciousness, metamorphosis
transition, threshold, liminal, in between, gap,
shifts of state: water, solid, liquid, gas, freezing, melting, evaporating
time, past, present, memory, distortion, remembering, forgetting
eros, sex, longing, desire, wantings
words, articulations, lost languages, asemic writing
mundane, daily, cosmological, mystical, sublime
chance, simultaneity, synchronicity, magic
mark-making, accumulation, residue, erosion, macro-micro
depths, edges, reefs, vortices, holes,
growth, connections, constellation, tangles, webs, networks, patterns
medicine, magic, oracles, shamanism, sorcery, power
haecceity – this-ness, being and non-being

alchemy of printmaking: pine rosin used for aquatint

alchemy of printmaking: asphaltum

copper plates - natural oxidation process

spitbite (acid etching a copper plate)

flamingo road studio - mill valley, ca 2022

bluxome street - studio san francisco, ca