kate randall

Kate Randall is an artist who works in a variety of modalities including sculpture, installation, photographs and works on paper. Currently, she is working on a project inspired by idea of a lover's discourse, exploring polarity in relationship and the whimsical phenomenon of love through both text and image. She has exhibited her work locally at Southern Exposure, Kala Art Institute, and Ampersand International among others. She has been artist-in-residenceat Kala Art Institute and an affiliate artist at The Headlands Center for the Arts. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Comparative Literature from Princeton University and a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts. Her studio started up in San Francisco in 1997. She has been teaching art in the Bay Area for over 20 years and is now teaching classes for adults in her beautiful SOMA studio. Her teaching style is supportive while also leading people to move beyond limitations and find their way into making work that is authentic and aesthetically sophisticated. See www.redredthread.com for information about her upcoming classes.



kate randall


Things I think about:

bodies in space, being a body, being in a body, writing the body, writing on the body

matter, weight, balance, gravity, groundedness, heaviness

stillness, movement, light, flight, fear, falling, grace, flying, ecstasy, ungroundedness, lightness

inheritance, information, stories, stuff, possessions, dowry, family, ancestors, home

mementos, storage, preservation, sorting, counting, assembling, cataloguing, naming, labeling, categorizing

alchemy, change, transmutation, lead, gold, consciousness

transition, threshold, liminal, in between, gap,

shifts of state: water, solid, liquid, gas, freezing, melting, evaporating

time, past, present, memory, distortion, remembering, forgetting

longing, desire, wantings

words, articulations

mundane, daily, cosmological, mysical, sublime

chance, simultaneity, synchronicity, magic

mark-making, accumulation, residue, erosion, macro-micro

depths, edges, reefs, vortices, holes,

growth, connections, constellation, tangles, webs, networks, patterns

haecceity - this-ness